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Yoga studiegroep

The yoga Study Group is a natural progression for students who are attending regular yoga classes and who feel the need to deepen their study of the art of yoga. 

The Study Group is for those who would like to practice yoga in greater depth, adding ease and beauty to their practice. It offers the opportunity to gain a more thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology while exploring the classical scriptures of yoga and how yoga can be incorporated into daily life. 

All yoga students, from beginners to advanced practitioners, are welcome to join. 
The Study Group will meet on Sundays for the entire day, from September until June (ten sessions). It will serve as a sort of retreat (a welcome respite from daily life), that allows participants to take the time they require to deepen and explore their personal practices. 
For those who are interested in teaching yoga, I am offering a personal program entitled Passing On Yoga, in addition to the Study Group. 

The Study Group blends Western approaches to yoga, which emphasize a physical and somewhat scientific practice, with the much older Eastern traditions of meditation, pranayama, the vayus and the mental development of the practitioner. Our aim is to harmonize these bodies of information into a more holistic practice and approach to life.

But this (practice) is firmly grounded (only) when it is practiced intensively, properly and continuously over a long period.

(yoga sutras of Patanjali; chapter 1, sutra 14)

Revital Prisler
Graduated from the Iyengar Yoga Teacher School in Amsterdam. Completed Senior Centered YogaTeacher Training by Dona Holleman and Vijnana YogaTeacher Training by Orit Sen-Gupta. Since 1985, Revital has been teaching yoga classes in Israel, Antwerpen, Amsterdam and Utrecht in addition to teaching master classes for teachers and workshops abroad.

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